The necessity of understanding Indigenous vulnerabilities

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Canada has a fraught history with its Indigenous people.

The fact that Indigenous people are receiving priority for early vaccination in Canada could be viewed as a political decision, or a social one. I think there is so much to explore about the social context that makes this is a good step for Canada, but most of my research below focuses on the science behind the government’s decision to give Indigenous people priority.

It is necessary to understand the language I will be using. Canada has such a diverse range of Indigenous groups, and knowing a few distinctions is a…

An exercise in the power of reflection

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I wish I could remember how I felt on my last day of high school.

Every other year when summer break approached, as the weather got warmer, I just wanted to be outside and free, not baking in a stuffy classroom.

But did I feel the same way on the last day of my high school career?

Even before I left, I knew I would miss high school. I had made some really great friends and took interesting classes with teachers who were, mostly, passionate about their subjects and invested in their students.

But how did that last day feel?

Generosity Challenge: Bless the Boss

Appreciating those we often take for granted

Left hand holding a black card that says “Thanks!” in a cursive font, and then smaller below says “From Unsplash.” Card is held against a green leafy background
Left hand holding a black card that says “Thanks!” in a cursive font, and then smaller below says “From Unsplash.” Card is held against a green leafy background
Photo by Manuel Cosentino on Unsplash

Bosses often have to be the bad guys. They deliver the soul-crushing news of a layoff, they take the hits when their team messes up.

With Michael Scott being the people-pleaser he is, I’m surprised he lasted so long as regional manager. Then again, he did spend a lot of the show blaming corporate and attempting to avoid responsibility.

(If you haven’t noticed, I like to include references from The Office in my Medium posts. To clarify, I love Michael and I am not hating on him. I am simply using him to illustrate a point.)

With that being said…

The Generosity Challenge: Cash Stash

How to create a generosity fund

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If you love being practical and finding ways to take action, this is for you.

Maybe you love surprising your friends with a coffee Ubered to their doorstep. Or maybe you see homeless people on your daily commute and always have the urge to hand them something.

Today’s generosity challenge post is about establishing a generosity fund. The prompt says this:

Generosity should cost us. Often our imaginations fail us when it comes to finding ways to be generous at a cost to ourselves. …

The Generosity Challenge: Period Poverty

Bringing menstruation struggles into the light

A menstrual pad next to a blue box of “ultra pads,” against a light blue background
A menstrual pad next to a blue box of “ultra pads,” against a light blue background
Photo by Natracare on Unsplash

This is not a piece that I would usually write. It’s a topic viewed as awkward, and often even as “inappropriate” in public spaces.

But if I tell myself that I care about social justice, then I can’t avoid a topic just because it might make people uncomfortable. So I hope that you’ll have grace for me, about something I’m just beginning to learn about. For the most part, I will let my research and the words of people more knowledgeable than me speak for themselves.

I also hope that you can read this with a humble heart: a heart…

Generosity Challenge: People Watching

The joy of giving to yourself and giving to others

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This year along with Lent, I’m embarking on a 40-day journey to live generously. With a few friends as accountability partners, I’ve decided to do the 40acts Lent Generosity Challenge.

In this post I’ll talk about my motivations for doing Lent and for doing the challenge, and what I learned from my first day!

Giving Up Instagram = Giving Myself Time

I decided to give up Instagram for Lent this year. I could make a whole post about this, but essentially I want to grow as a person without Instagram as a “fallback.”

What I mean by that is Instagram is something I turn to numerous times…

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

The start of the pandemic was surreal. I remember sitting with my friends in a little circle of office chairs as my boss relayed the latest health update: the city was going into lockdown. It was the closest we would sit to each other for… a really long time, still with no definite end in the horizon.

I distinctly remember thinking that it felt like we were living in some dystopian novel. …

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